community & sustainability

Donating Food

We partner with organizations like Copia and Texas Capital Food Bank to reduce food waste and give back to our community.   By donating excess, monitored food to nonprofits in the community and feeding people in need, this service not only diverts some level of what is otherwise food waste, but also provides a valuable resource in ending the war on hunger.

Recycling & Composting

Working with partner organizations like Organics by Gosh and Break it Down composting, we work toward zero waste facilities, recycling and composting most of our output, and even hosting lunch & learn programs to teach and train employees at our host properties on best practices.   These companies pick up separated biodegradable food waste twice weekly from each of our locations, provide a contamination report and a weight report, and this volume is what qualified us for an award from the City of Austin on the amount of product we divert from landfill.

Chefs and food

Working in kitchens and with food service means that reducing waste is something we constantly strive to do, and we are always interested in new opportunities to achieve a perfect Zero Waste.

Salad Dishes

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